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Case Study

Stephen, European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre, Vattenfall

The European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre’s Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Service Leader demonstrates the benefits of harnessing and utilising skill and knowledge diversification across the energy industry. Originating in nuclear and moving into the oil and gas industry, in a variety of roles such as offshore Electrical Technician and Maintenance Supervisor of onshore and offshore assets Steven brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the renewables industry.

In 2017, Steven was a casualty of the Oil and Gas recession in Aberdeen, being made redundant after almost 14 years with the same service company. Steven was intrigued by the growing renewables industry and began to widen his job search into the renewables sector. Working with innovative technology that was at the forefront of the renewables industry, while leaving a positive impact on the environment and meeting growing energy demands, all on his doorstep in Aberdeen, was very appealing. Being involved in a project that was leaving a positive legacy in the community that he lived was also a huge attraction and one that had not been so evident when working on offshore fields.

Since being employed as the O&M Service Leader role, Steven has had over 6 months intense training, building on existing skills and knowledge in managing people and industry process’ and programmes but supplementing this with the necessary skills and tools to be able to lead the local O&M team out of Aberdeen Harbour. Vattenfall’s service agreement with the turbine manufacturer has given Steven further exposure to skilled technicians throughout the first few months of the wind farms operations and allowed him to spread his knowledge and skills across the industry. Since in position, Steven has sought local procurement vendors, securing several key local contracts through the O&M phase. He has been a role model for his locally trained O&M team and been actively involved in community initiatives and presentations to disseminate his wealth of knowledge.

“I am proud to work on such a high profile, innovative renewable project, that is on my door step. It demonstrates that Scotland is at the forefront of offshore wind development and it is a proofpoint of Aberdeen’s ‘Energy Capital of Europe’ status. I’m delighted to be part of this 20 year project that actively seeks to leave a positive impact on the environment, the local workforce and the energy industry as a whole. I recognise the value of local procurement and have sought to work with many, local companies, who traditionally only operated in oil and gas, hopefully, extending the impact of my local position. I feel that Vattenfall is playing a big part in the diversification of the north sea and the transition of the North east workforce. That is something I am proud to be associated with.”