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Case Study

The East of England Energy Internships – Vattenfall, Nexus Engineering and Ogden Trust

A partnership approach to enabling summertime offshore wind internships

The Ogden Trust Energy Internship Programme began in Summer 2016 with just 5 students. By 2017, 25 students enjoyed an internship opportunity, in 2018, there were 36 interns. The Ogden Trust funds the internships and the students are awarded a bursary of up to £750 for a 20 day project.

The projects undertaken are for mutual benefit, whereby the Host Company helps to design a work scope that is useful to them as a business.  The work requires support from the company but is predominantly designed to be managed by the students themselves. The projects delivered in the first two years were highly regarded by the host companies, and led to an apprenticeship, continued employment and commercially exploitable projects.

The students, drawn from local colleges, have the opportunity to apply their college learning in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) to develop solutions for the real world of work, within a business environment. Interns also have the opportunity to explore and expand their “soft skills” which will be vital building blocks for their careers. This is very much about being responsible for delivering a project rather than providing generic “work experience”.

In 2018, Ogden Trust introduced the “Team Projects” alongside individual internships and Vattenfall wholly supported this concept, in partnership with Nexus Engineering. The results have been excellent and will be taken forward as a core element of the future Energy Internship Programme.

Vattenfall’s Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas project teams identified the need to help different audiences, especially younger people, explore the sheer scale, technological advances and business opportunities associated with the coming generation of offshore wind projects. The brief was to develop a robust portable model which would provide a hands-on experience to a wide and curious audience, which might feature at our stand at the Norwich Science Festival and at project exhibitions planned across Norfolk during Autumn 2018. The model needed to reflect the Vattenfall brand expression, accurately reflect our Norfolk projects in development and stimulate the interest of the intended audience.

The interns, with Nexus and Vattenfall support, absolutely nailed the brief. They delivered a high quality, valuable asset in a very cost effective manner. A perfect financial model as well as an exemplar for the real thing! 2 of the Interns went on to share the model (and their knowledge of Vattenfall) at the Norwich Science Festival and following this, they were invited to present at the Offshore Wind Week ’18 (East Anglia Event at Orbis).

“Our highest priority and purpose is to power fossil fuel free futures in one generation and we intend to work alongside our young people every step of the way on that journey” –  Sue Falch-Lovesey, Local Liaison Officer and Skills Champion, Vattenfall.

Additional Resource:

This is a powerpoint presentation that was created by students and which offers an honest and valuable insight into the programme. It also includes an epilogue that shares the post-internship opportunity of sharing their display with 100’s of visitors as part of the 2018 Norwich Science Festival. The PowerPoint case study can be downloaded  from here: