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Case Study

Nathan, Technician, innogy

Nathan Jones is in the final year of his offshore wind technician apprenticeship, with innogy.  The apprenticeship is a bespoke designed course at North Wales’ Llandrillo Coleg, designed to produce technicians to serve the specific needs of the offshore sector.

During his two years to date, Nathan has studied both electrical and mechanical skills in the purpose built facility. Graduating from the academic part of the course, he is now undertaking a final year onsite, learning both the servicing and control operations side of the business.

“I guess I demonstrate, first hand, the way offshore wind is transforming people and communities in local coastal areas, providing jobs and in my case, valuable apprenticeship schemes like the one I’m involved with. These opportunities encourage people in the community to not only apply themselves, but they encourage the learning of new, useful and viable skills, which in turn open up new avenues for employment in the future.”