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Case Study

Jo, Jake and Ben, Production Operatives, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind

Jo, Production Operative

Discover the skills you didn’t know you had. Meet Jo – one of our newest recruits working in the ‘finishing’ team.

“Initially I was surprised to join the finishing team because I didn’t have prior experience, but during training the team spotted I have skills suited to this area of work, which really gave me confidence in my abilities. I couldn’t wait to get started, hand-finishing the blades before finally ending up as some of the biggest windfarms in the world.  It’s pretty cool that it all begins here! The four-day shift pattern is also perfect for me as it allows me to plan for childcare and I get quality family time when I am at home. There’s lots of support, great pay and the potential for getting extra qualifications once I’ve settled into this role was definitely a draw.”

Jake, Production Operative

This is where it all begins for our 80 metre blades. Meet Jake – his team produces the glass fibre webbing used to provide the blades with flexibility and strength.

“I think MHI Vestas is looking for the right person in terms of their aspirations and mindset, not whether they can already do the job. If you want to be a part of something bigger and you’re willing to come and work hard, you will do well. I definitely have a long-term outlook on my career because the company has already invested so much in me – I’m heading to Denmark soon to add more to my skillset, having gained four new qualifications since joining last year. Even though we’re working in a factory setting, I was surprised at how clean and quiet the environment is, and there’s a good vibe in my team. The shift pattern also works really well for me as I love travelling and I can use my four days off to jump on a flight to Europe for some hiking.”

Ben, Production Operative

This is where the world’s biggest serially-produced wind turbine blades start to take shape. Meet Ben – one of our ‘shell’ team members with a hands-on role laying the materials of the blade inside its mold.

“Because we’re building world-class blades it might seem like you can’t work here unless you have relevant experience in the industry, but it’s not the case. I had five intensive days of training before joining my team and once I got started I quickly started gaining new skills and experience. I spoke to my Shift Lead straight away about getting additional training and within two months I had my first new qualification. It’s always a pretty proud moment when a blade leaves the factory and you know that your hands-on work is an important part of the finished product. I can see myself working here for years to come and I’m looking forward to getting more training under my belt.”