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Case Study

Flick, Odgen Trust Internship

“The Renewables Sector has so many opportunities, with a large variety of roles that could suit anyone.”

Where did it all begin?

Meet Flick from Lowestoft, who is currently studying Physics at the University of Lincoln.

“My first internship was based at James Fisher and Sons in Lowestoft. This was my first introduction to a professional office environment working in the energy sector. It was amazing to see how various different roles worked within the same room. All carrying out their own tasks, which built and supported the huge Galloper project. I will never forget how accommodating and kind the team were at James Fisher. At the time I was currently in turmoil over what to do at university and was undecided on whether I should risk my place at Keele to follow a passion of doing Physics elsewhere even given the advice my college not to. Thanks to the team, I chose to be confident in my own abilities, and on results day, managed to secure a place at the University of Lincoln where achieving a first is possible!

“Following on from this, after my first year, I was invited to travel to the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. Initially, it seemed like a crazy idea! Tot travel 500 miles away from home, stay with strangers, and fly some kites! Agreeing to go was one of the best decisions in my life. Working on innovative ideas created by Rod Read alongside PhD student Oliver Tulloch up on the Isle of Lewis was amazing! Cars would stop and watch as giant Daisy Ring Kites were released into the air to generate green power! With the kindness and generosity given by Ed and Ollie, I went back into my second year more determined and with renewed confidence.

“From completing these two internships, I was then given the opportunity to speak at the Global Offshore Wind Conference 2018 to fellow students and peers looking at going into the industry. Though I am not the most knowledgeable on every subject, I know that the renewable sector will only grow larger and holds endless opportunities for anyone.”

‘Felicity’s visit was hugely influential in helping us shape initiatives to demystify research, develop inclusive working environments and engage the diverse talent of the future.’ – Ed Hart, University of Strathclyde