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Case Study

Evie – Internship with Galloper offshore windfarm (innogy) hosted but TMS media, funded by the Ogden Trust

Over the summer I completed a four-week internship on the Galloper project with innogy. Galloper is an offshore wind farm that was under construction at the time of my internship, however is now working at full capacity. Of the work streams I was given, one was to engage the younger generation by informing them about the project but ultimately to increase awareness of STEM related topics. I achieved this by creating a leaflet aimed at KS2 children, which 2000 copies went into print and were distributed throughout local schools. I visited the turbine assembly base and I saw first-hand the initial construction stages of the turbines. I was able to engage in detailed conversation with the site manager and gained a better understanding of the advancements made so far in this emerging technology. Through my internship, I was invited to the EEEGR awards where I had the opportunity to listen to presentations by renewable energy companies from all over the world. The presentations informed us of new developments that will increase the effectiveness and impact that the renewables industry can have on our everyday lives. I networked with the industry’s key personnel, listening to their ideas and experiences but also sharing my own views. I have spoken at the offshore wind week event about how companies should do more to educated and encourage young people into STEM based subjects. I also spoke at the skills for energy promoting the internship scheme I completed and explaining why it has been so useful to me, not only during, but because of all the opportunities I received after. I am now at the University of East Anglia studying Geophysics and absolutely loving it and because of my internship I have gained so much confidence when going into new situation.

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